Sponsor our hay and haylege

Tauranga RDA uses nearly $5,000 worth of hay and haylege in a year to feed our horses.

Apart from grass, hay and haylege are the most important feeds we provide our horses. As grass is not plentiful year-round, hay or haylege are critical parts of our feeding programme.

To be the main sponsor of our hay is $1,500 which about represents the actual cost that RDA incurs to cut and bale the hay grown here at our Welcome Bay property. This figure is much reduced from the real cost thanks to the generosity of the contractors who make our hay and hayledge, George D’Emden and Henry Scott Contracting.

We are also welcome gifts of hay or haylege that is suitable for horses to add to our supply.

If you are interested in sponsoring our hay supply or supplying us with hay or haylege please phone us on (07) 544 1899 or complete our contact form.


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