Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the horse or pony I sponsor retires, or is no longer able to perform his or her tasks at RDA?

If we consider that in the best interests of the horse and therapy riders that the horse needs to be retired or sold then we can transfer your sponsorship to another horse.


After payment of the money do I own the horse?

No, the funds are a sponsorship or a philanthropic gift in your name or the name of your company and go towards the health and upkeep of the horse or pony, not to its ownership.


Can I visit the horse or pony I sponsor?

Of course you can! As a sponsor you have an open invitation to visit Tauranga RDA at any time. We recommend that you do call us first to ensure that your horse is not out with a rider.


How much does it cost to sponsor a horse?

It costs $2000.00 per annum.


Do I have to pay the $2,000 sponsorship in a lump sum?

We would prefer it paid in one lump sum. If you wish to discuss other options please contact us 


What happens at the end of the sponsorship period?

We will send you a letter asking if you wish to renew your sponsorship.

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