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Our son was given the opportunity to participate in RDA through his school this term.  I know it's been a process for the team that he attends with, but when I opened up his daily school diary today, nothing but tears flowed.  The pure perseverance and encouragement to actually put our son in a space where he felt comfortable and safe on a horse, is just a testament to the wonderful people that our son and us as a whanau are blessed to have from Tauranga Special School and the RDA volunteers‚̧

Nicola Armstong - 29th August 2018


My name is Tarryn. I am 13years old and I’ve been doing Riding for the Disabled for about a year. RDA has really been an amazing experience that I strongly recommend going to if you have a disability. I was born with a muscle disability and RDA has helped build up my muscle strength by riding my favourite horse Betty. It is by far my most enjoyable workout. It has also helped be to get out of my shell and interact with the friendly staff (and animals) there. I have made so many wonderful memories at RDA and I really hope to continue going there in the future. - 2019


Hi Sharon and team!

I realised we just left our last lesson for the term and didn't say thank you and goodbye!
Thank you all so much for what you have done for Isaac at his first term at RDA. He has loved every minute of it and his favorite animal of course is now a horse! None of you have known Isaac before this, he has had an extremely difficult road thus far and was a very sick little boy during his first 6 years. To see him now achieving things we never thought possible is so incredible.

The time and energy that is given freely by all the volunteers is truly humbling and we have so much gratitude to you all and feel so blessed!
We look forward to seeing you all next term and if you need a stable hand during the holidays (haha) just give Isaac a call.

See you soon
Shelley and Isaac


To the team at RDA,

 Im writing to thank you all for a fabulous competition last weekend!  It was well organised, supported and the kids had a ball.  I heard one Mum elated, and saying, its the first time he has won anything, he’s so proud!


 Ellie thoroughly enjoyed herself, and we were so proud of her winning a ribbon.  It’s awesome to see our children compete, it brings out so many emotions in everyone who was lucky enough to experience the day.


 So, thank you for all you’re hard work not only last weekend, but throughout the year, you made this a memorable day, and we look forward to many more.


 Kind regards


Alexia and Ellie=


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