Fundraise on behalf of Tauranga Riding for the Disabled

Fundraising can be a fun, social and creative way for individuals, businesses and community groups to support their favourite charity. All it takes is a great idea, a passionate team of 'fundraisers', and a little (or a lot!) of effort to get the funds raised.

Whether it's something simple like a bake sale, an office mufti day, or more elaborate events such as a movie night or a charity auction. Your support will make a difference.

As we are not government funded, each year Tauranga RDA relies on funding from the community to support the delivery of our programmes. We are extremely grateful when people help us.

If you're interested in holding a fundraising event in support of Tauranga RDA, then please contact us on (07) 544 1899 or email.
We can help you make the event a success and can sometimes assist with resources and advertising.

Checkout our helpful fundraising guide.