Therapy Riding

Equine assisted therapy and rehabilitation

The movement of the horse is used as a treatment tool by physical and occupational therapists to address impairment in individual clients. The therapy horse is a warm, flexible and responsive animal who is friendly and undemanding. Its walk action corresponds to the physiology of the human walk.

Adjustments by a rider's body to these rhythms while striving to maintain balance alternately activates and relaxes the muscles, particularly those of the trunk, spine, hips and pelvis. The horses' movement is used in specialised techniques such as hippotherapy.

Our Riders attend RDA to achieve a specific goal, whether it is therapeutic, educational or sporting.

Riding develops, improves and promotes Balance and co-ordination, Posture and muscle tone, Concentration, Self-discipline and self-esteem, Perception and spatial awareness, Communication and social skills, Independence, Encourages decision making, The stimulation of learning skills, Behavior modification, Recreational and sport riding, Social contact and trust  with peers.

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